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Dr Rahul Sen | Specialist care for birth and beyond | Sydney, Australia

Clinic conveniently located in Edgecliff : Freecall 1800 890 964


Below are a collection of my current videos streaming from YouTube. These have been designed to assist you while viewing this site. (Click the full-screen icon on bottom right to view at a larger size. When selected on a portable device, the videos will open and play in the YouTube app if installed.)

Dr Rahul Sen ~ An Introduction. My name is Dr Rahul Sen and I have had the privilege of working in obstetrics and gynaecology for the last 20 years. I am currently based at Prince of Wales Private Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Women. So whether you are expecting your first child or are looking for specialist gynaecological services, I am dedicated to offering you the highest level of care and expertise.

Dr Rahul Sen ~ Being at the Birth. Dr Rahul Sen explains how committed he is to being at the birth of your baby – from travelling by ferry in the moonlight to driving from the Blue Mountains in the middle of the night to reach the birth on time. Dr Sen also highlights the specialist team of obstetricians he works with who are on-call for you when Dr Sen can’t be.

Dr Rahul Sen ~ Long Appointments. Dr Rahul Sen details the reasons behind having long appointments with his patients – from the very first visit through to the final catch up before the birth. It’s about ensuring you have all the information and assurance you’ll need to experience a safe and rewarding birthing experience.

Dr Rahul Sen ~ Midwife Service. Dr Rahul Sen is passionate about providing a multidisciplinary service for his patients. In this video he talks about Michelle, the highly skilled and caring midwife in his team who will see you twice during your pregnancy and also after you’ve had your baby. Home visits by Michelle and phone contact when you need her, are all part of this exclusive service.

Dr Rahul Sen ~ Why Choose an Obstetrician. Choosing an obstetrician is a very personal and important decision. In this video, Dr Sen explains the reasons why seeing a private obstetrician can make all the difference when it comes to experiencing a safe birth. It’s all about continuity of care at a time in your life when you need it most.

Dr Rahul Sen ~ Your Birth Plan. Creating a birth plan towards the end of your pregnancy is a vital step. In this video Dr Sen talks about how he will meet with you to discuss all the birth details including, the Vitamin K injection for your baby after birth and even your cord blood banking options. Having a plan can increase your confidence during this very important and special time for your family.

Dr Rahul Sen ~ Specialist Scanning Services. Apart from the exciting 3D scan in Dr Sen’s Rooms, there are a number of other Specialist Scanning Services you’ll need access to during pregnancy. Dr Sen outlines the reasons why visiting a specialist ultrasound clinic for some of your scans are vital for your health and as well as the safety of your baby. Currently Dr Sen refers patients to Ultrasound Care – with convenient 8 locations across Sydney.