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Dr Rahul Sen | Specialist care for birth and beyond | Sydney, Australia

Clinic conveniently located in Edgecliff : Freecall 1800 890 964

Your Pregnancy Timeline:

4 weeks: First missed menstrual period (around 2 weeks from actual conception)

8 weeks: Dating ultrasound in my rooms – you will need a “comfortably full” bladder
Referral for antenatal booking blood tests if not already done by your family doctor
Antenatal visits now every 4 weeks (1st baby) or 5-6 weeks (2nd + baby)

10 1/2 weeks: Earliest time for Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (eg Percept:

10-11 weeks: Blood tests for the Nuchal Translucency Scan (if you are having one)

10-14 weeks: Recommended visit with a pregnancy dietitian to discuss healthy eating and weight gain in pregnancy

12-13 weeks: Nuchal Translucency Scan or Early Structural Scan (if you are having one)
Book in for antenatal classes (and maybe Calmbirth,) if booked at RHW

14 weeks: Submit Hospital booking form – paper form for RHW, online booking for POWPH

17-24 weeks: Appointment to see midwife Michele (or Chantelle) for long (1 hour) consultation

18 weeks: Book in for antenatal classes, if booked at POWPH (first baby)

19 weeks: Detailed morphology ultrasound scan (can check baby’s sex if you wish)

20 weeks: Start feeling baby’s movements (sometimes later if the placenta is at the front)

26-28 weeks: Gestational diabetes screen (Must be booked. Needs 12 hour fast. Allow 3 hours)

28-30 weeks: Anti D injection, if your blood group is Rhesus negative

Antenatal visits now every 2 weeks (1st baby) or every 3 weeks (2nd + baby)

30-33 weeks: 3D Ultrasound in Edgecliff rooms – please don’t be late, as your time slot is short

34-36 weeks: Second Anti D injection, if required

36 weeks: Growth and wellbeing ultrasound
Vaginal-perianal swab for Group B Streptococcus (GBS)
Antenatal visits now weekly (all pregnancies)

36-37 weeks: Second, shorter (30 minute) consultation with Michele (or Chantelle), if required

37 weeks: Longer consultation with me to discuss birth plan

39-40 weeks: Usual timing of elective caesarean section if you need one

40 weeks: Full term