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If you have a son and would like him to be circumcised then this can easily be arranged.  It is now no longer done immediately after birth, but can be done soon after discharge from hospital.  Circumcision was very popular, then largely went out of fashion, but it is becoming more popular again, although most Australian boys are not circumcised.  From a medical perspective the risks and benefits of circumcision are evenly balanced in Australia, although in countries with very high rates of HIV circumcision appears to reduce HIV transmission to males.

The main benefit for performing circumcision, therefore, is for religious or cultural reasons.  Most little boys would like to look and be like their dads and brothers, but on the other hand they may feel self-conscious if they look different from other boys at school.  This remains a highly controversial topic, both on medical grounds and legal grounds, with passionate advocates for and against circumcision.  You might like to read the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recent statement and the discussion that follows HERE.

If you are planning circumcision purely as a medical procedure I can recommend two excellent paediatric surgeons, who will perform the procedure either soon after the birth under local anaesthetic, or after 12 months of age under general anaesthetic:

Dr Vincent Varjavandi, Tower 2, 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction. Tel: 02 9389 1049 – also at 103 Botany Street, Randwick. Tel: 02 9326 6826

Dr Anthony Dilley, 352 President Avenue, Gymea 2227. Tel: 02 9540 4409
If you would like to have your son circumcised as part of the Bris then you may have your own Mahel, but alternatively you can contact Dr David Robinson, (02) 9387 8700, who is an ophthalmic surgeon with special interest and expertise in newborn male circumcision.