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  • <span>Dr Rahul Sen</span> | Specialist Care for Birth and Beyond

    Dr Rahul Sen | Specialist Care for Birth and Beyond

    With over 20 years of experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Sen’s premium level of care and expertise has made him one of Sydney’s leading specialists.

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  • <span>Midwife</span> Services for Specialist <span>Support</span>

    Midwife Services for Specialist Support

    A midwife can offer you and your partner education, reassurance and as much support throughout your pregnancy and during those early weeks after you take your baby home.

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  • <span>Dietitian</span> Service for Qualified Nutrition <span>Support</span>

    Dietitian Service for Qualified Nutrition Support

    I work with experienced and professional dietitians who specialise in antenatal nutrition and healthy weight gain in pregnancy. They have expert knowledge of healthy food choices in pregnancy, polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes.

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  • <span>3D Scan</span> Service for <span>Amazing Detail</span>

    3D Scan Service for Amazing Detail

    The opportunity to see your baby’s face clearly and in amazing detail is not one to be missed. I’m pleased to offer 3D scan technology as part of your Planning and Management of Pregnancy fee.

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  • <span>Three</span> Convenient Sydney Clinics | Edgecliff, Macquarie Street and POWH, Randwick

    Three Convenient Sydney Clinics | Edgecliff, Macquarie Street and POWH, Randwick

    You can choose to see Dr Sen in one of three central locations - Edgecliff, Macquarie Street or Prince of Wales Private Hospital Rooms in Randwick. There is convenient parking in all locations including 2 hours free parking in Edgecliff. All are easily accessible by public transport.

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  • <span>Hundreds</span> of Small but Satisfied Customers

    Hundreds of Small but Satisfied Customers

    Each child unique, every glance a gift, the birth of a baby is one of life’s priceless moments.

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Sydney Obstetrician in the CBD & Eastern Suburbs

Hello and welcome. My name is Dr Rahul Sen and I have had the privilege of working in obstetrics and gynaecology for the last 20 years.

I am currently based at Prince of Wales Private Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Women. So whether you are expecting your first child or are looking for specialist gynaecological services, I am dedicated to offering you the highest level of care and expertise.

I have three consulting rooms located in Edgecliff, Macquarie Street and  Prince of Wales Private Hospital. Please feel free to contact my team for your appointment. Edgecliff (02) 9363 9474, Macquarie Street (02) 9363 9474 and Prince of Wales Private Hospital (02) 9363 9474, You’re also welcome to Freecall on 1800 890 964. Or use our Contact Form. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Dr Rahul Sen | Specialist Obstetrician Services

Your care, is our priority. That’s why we’ve assembled all the services you’ll need for a healthy and happy pregnancy. Choose from Obstetrics, Midwife Service, Dietitian Service and 3D Scans. Click each headline to read more...


An obstetrician in pregnancy guarantees a high standard and continuity of care throughout the pregnancy. No other model offers you the doctor of your choice in the hospital of your choice.

Midwife Service

A midwife can provide guidance, reassurance and invaluable support not only throughout your pregnancy but also during those first weeks at home with your baby.

Dietitian Service

With expert knowledge in antenatal nutrition, polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes, our highly experienced dietitians will provide sound advice on healthy food choices and weight gain in pregnancy.

3D Scan Service

Seeing your baby’s face clearly and in amazing detail is truly incredible. You’ll have access to this remarkable 3D scan technology as part of the Planning and Management component of your Pregnancy Fee.