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Dr Rahul Sen | Specialist care for birth and beyond | Sydney, Australia

Clinic conveniently located in Edgecliff : Freecall 1800 890 964

Congratulations on your pregnancy

Thank you for choosing me as your obstetrician.  As a father myself I know this is a truly special time in your life.  I have written this as a guide to what you can expect from your pregnancy care.  Of course, I look forward to discussing the important issues with you in person, as well as addressing any specific questions or concerns you may have.

My aim is to help make your pregnancy journey a safe, happy and enjoyable experience.

Dr Rahul Sen.

My Team

Obstetrician: Dr Rahul Sen
Midwives: Michele Simpson, Chantelle du Boisee
Secretaries: Peta Bellanto, Breanna Goddard, Eva Cosgrove
Sonographers: Lily and Rebecca
Perinatal Mental Health Nurse Consultant: Mellanie Rollans

Please note that your medical information is confidential, and I do not discuss your details with anyone other than health staff and professionals who are involved in your care.
NB. I do not discuss results or medical care by phone, but I can to see you urgently if needed.

My background

I grew up in the UK but have lived in Australia for over 30 years. I began my medical training at the University of Sydney, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, The Canberra Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Women, where I completed my core obstetric training. I then worked at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in London, where I completed my advanced training and gained extra consultant experience, especially in diabetes and high-risk obstetrics, before returning to Sydney as a specialist.

I am experienced in both uncomplicated and high-risk obstetrics, as well as the care of pregnant women with medical disorders, such as diabetes and recurrent miscarriage. I am currently involved in the training, supervision and examination of junior doctors. I regularly teach and lecture on maternal resuscitation, as part of the Managing Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma (MOET) course that I helped to establish in Australia in 2009, and hope to take to developing countries in the near future.

Introducing my Midwives:

I am both fortunate and delighted to have Michele Simpson and Chantelle du Boisee as part of my
midwifery team. Michele Simpson is an experienced and skilled midwife, with whom I have worked for
many years at RHW. She will see you for a long (1 hour) consultation at 17-24 weeks, and then for a
shorter (30 minute) consultation at 36 weeks, if needed. Chantelle provides cover for Michele.

Michele is not present for the birth, however she will see you after the birth. Please contact Michele
when you leave hospital and, where possible, she will do one home visit, as well as provide ongoing
text message, phone and email support. If you need more help than Michele can provide with a single
visit she will put you in touch with someone who can provide more extensive assistance. Michele has a
special interest in perinatal mental health, and as part of her antenatal sessions with you she will spend
some time with both you and your partner together, and also with you on your own.

Michele is an excellent point of contact if you have additional general or midwifery questions between
your visits with me. She can be contacted by email or text message, between the hours of 9am and
9pm most days, and sometimes by phone. Please note that Michele has a busy hospital schedule, and
is a wife and mother, in addition to her work with my practice. For that reason she is not contactable on
some days, overnight or some weekends.

Please note that Michele Simpson is not the person to contact for emergencies: please contact
the delivery suite of the hospital at which you are booked, whether before or after the birth.
The cost of the care and advice that Michele provides, including one home visit (in Sydney), is
incorporated in your planning and management of pregnancy fee. The cost of a dietitian consultation,
and the cost of a 3D scan is also included in your planning and management fee.

Please note that neither Michele Simpson nor Mellanie Rollans is available for emergencies. In an emergency, whether before or after your baby is born, please contact the delivery suite of the hospital at which you are booked.

The cost of the care and advice that Michele provides, including one home visit (where possible), is incorporated in your planning and management of pregnancy fee. The cost of one dietetics session with Natasha, and the cost of a 3D scan is also included in your planning and management fee.

Message From Michele Simpson…

“I became a practising midwife in 1991, after working as a nurse for several years in the Emergency Department, in my home town of Newcastle.

I have since worked extensively in all areas of Midwifery including Neonatal Intensive Care.  I now live in Maroubra, with my husband and two children, and currently provide pre-conception and antenatal care to women experiencing both uncomplicated and high risk pregnancies and bereavement at the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick.  I have also been involved in teaching childbirth classes.

My special interest is in complementary therapies and I have a Diploma of Remedial Therapies and Massage.  I am also passionate about research regarding pregnancy and women’s health and have published several articles, including a review of raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy.

I would like to offer education, reassurance and support to you and your partner throughout your pregnancy and during those early weeks after you take your baby home.  I hope to meet you during your 2nd and 3rd trimesters to discuss your preparation for your birth and parenthood.  I will contact you again after your birth by telephone or email and, if you wish, arrange a single post-natal visit in your home.”

Message from Chantelle du Boisee…

“I have been practising Midwifery for 15 years, and for most of that time I have worked at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick.

I have worked in various areas of Midwifery, however, my main area of specialty is in Antenatal care. In this area I ran a Midwives clinic, was involved in Diabetes education, group antenatal education and infection control. I have also worked as a Clinical Midwifery Educator.

I recently returned to working with new mums and their babies in the Postnatal ward at the RHW.  My focus is caring for women and their families in all areas of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

I live in Waverley with my husband my three beautiful sons.  I am truly passionate about my work as a Midwife and look forward to meeting you on your journey to parenthood.”

Introducing my Midwife Educator, Jessica Krigstein:

Jessica is a midwife, lactation consultant, midwifery educator and mother, with whom I have worked at Prince of Wales Private Hospital for the last 5 years.  Jessica runs private antenatal, birth and parenting classes either for individual couples or in small groups, near to my Edgecliff rooms.


Introducing Mellanie Rollans:

Dr Mellanie Rollans has been a mental health nurse consultant and practitioner with women, children and families for over 20 years and is a dynamic parenting educator who is passionate about supporting families through the transition of pregnancy and into parenthood. Mellanie has researched the specialist area of the social and emotional wellbeing of women in the perinatal period and is an internationally published author. She has a special interest, in working with women and their families through life transitions related to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood, including adjustment, attachment, postpartum depression and anxiety, and dealing with bereavement.

Dr Rollans’ intention with her consultation is to provide parents with strategies and information to support their social and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and to simplify parenting options, assisting parents to establish the first steps in confident parenting. Having a strong commitment to early intervention and prevention her approach is non-judgmental, and being a facilitator in Family Partnership training, she works in partnership with women and families. In her private practice, Dr Rollans provides one to one clinical consultation to support women, children and families in individual, couple and family therapy.

Dr Mellanie Rollans – 0437 864

Please note that Dr Rollans’ is not available in emergencies, and that the cost of consultations with her are not included in your planning and management fee.  She offers a special rate to my patients.

What is a Doula?

A doula provides support and education during your pregnancy and labour, both at home and in the hospital.  They also provide support and advice in the early days and weeks following your birth.  Doula fees can vary substantially.  You can ask Dr Sen or the midwives for recommendations.   To find a doula see or

We look forward to meeting you and hope to help make your pregnancy journey a safe and happy one.