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5 tips for selecting the right obstetrician for you

Pregnancy can be an incredibly emotional and turbulent time for women and their families, so having the right medical partner by your side is vital to a happy, healthy nine months. An obstetrician is a doctor who specialises in providing advice and medical care throughout, during and after your pregnancy. They are there for every step of your journey to ensure that your birth is stress free and successful.

With an obstetrician being such an important partner throughout the period of pregnancy and beyond it is vital to choose the right doctor for you. Here are five tips to guarantee you’ve picked the right option:

Ensure that they are an experienced obstetrician:

It might seem like a bit of a no-brainer but choosing an obstetrician that has been around the block a few times can make a real difference. It is a good idea to do some research online to see how long they have been in obstetrics, what types of births they are experienced with and any reviews from other moms. If you are still in doubt you might ask for an initial consultation where you will get the opportunity to ask them about their medical background and experience.

Establish that they will they be available throughout your journey:

An obstetrician is meant to be there with you from the time you get your first scans to when you are giving birth to your child, so establishing that they will be available throughout this period is important. Ask what times they commit themselves too and particularly if they be available for the birth. If they will be away for a key moment then ask them what their plan will be to ensure that you remain properly cared for.

Get to know their team:

Because obstetrics is all about continuity of care, any good obstetrician doesn’t work alone. They work with midwives, hospitals and other doctors to ensure that you get the right level of care throughout your pregnancy. Their team will be there when the obstetrician can’t be, so looking into their team and who they surround themselves by is just as important as knowing your main doctor.

Understand their cost:

Obstetricians can vary significantly in price, so understanding their pricing, what can be covered by insurance and medicare, and what can’t, is vital to ensuring that you understand the cost of your care.

Make sure they are a good fit for you:

Finally you should ensure that your obstetrician is a good fit for you emotionally. In an initial consultation you should see whether you feel comfortable around them, how open they are to answering your questions and how confident you feel in their judgement and advice. If they aren’t willing to answer your queries or become irritated, then you know that they won’t be much better throughout the stressful stages of your pregnancy.

This is an individual who will be your key point of contact and medical support throughout your pregnancy, so feeling like they are a good fit for you emotionally, who will provide you with the help and advice that you need is vital.

Dr Rahul Sen is a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist, based at Prince of Wales Private and Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick.