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What makes the Prince of Wales Private Hospital one of Sydney’s leaders in Obstetrics

Choosing a good hospital in which to have your child can be a difficult and confusing decision. However, if you pick a good service it can make a big difference, not just during the childbirth itself but also in patient care and postnatal services.

Amongst the options of obstetrics and maternity services in Sydney, the Prince of Wales Private Hospital is the standout choice, providing modern, private hospital care, a step above the other options in the city. Some of the reasons why the Prince of Wales Private Hospital is one of Sydney’s leaders in obstetrics is:

Focus on private patient carepregnancy diet plan

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing the Prince of Wales Private Hospital is their focus on private maternity care for their patients. While most other hospitals offer some form of private care the Prince of Wales is entirely centred on providing a personalised experienced that fulfils your needs and expectations.  From an experienced maternity team to modern, cutting edge facilities there isn’t a better private obstetrics program in Sydney.

A variety of birthing equipment

Most mothers would prefer to have some kind of control over the birthing process, and that is where the Prince of Wales Hospital shines, providing a variety of birthing equipment to help facilitate your labour preferences. These include a host of resources including water immersion, birth balls, mats and stools.

More operating theatres

Another massive advantage for the Prince of Wales obstetrics program is the amount of operating theatres they have available if there are complications during the birth. Outfitted with the best equipment the hospital is ready to support emergency caesarean sections if needed and are happy to provide elective caesarean sections if the mother chooses to undergo the operation.

Support 24 hours a day

The hospital offers 24-hour support for mothers before and after birth, including a night nursery where the newborn can be taken care of at night while the mother rests and gets some much needed sleep.

Little Luxuries program

Opening again in late 2020 is the option of the Little Luxuries program. Which is a 4.5 star private hotel on Coogee Beach which offers post-natal support for mothers who gave birth in the Prince of Wales Private Hospital. Along with the beachfront views and 24-hour medical support, the Little Luxuries program is also covered by most private health insurance schemes.

Access for partners and overnight stay

One of the best parts of choosing the Prince of Wales Private Hospital for your obstetric needs is the fact that they are very accommodating to partners. Partners are welcome to stay overnight at the hospital and are provided with either a double bed or sofa bed in the room so that they can be a part of the experience.

Postnatal care

Postnatal care is a big focus for the Prince of Wales Hospital with spacious postnatal accommodation including freshly cooked meals, air-conditioning, a bar fridge, television, Wi-Fi, ensuite bathroom and a lounge area for the ward. Nursing assistance is available on-call, providing support whenever it is needed.