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pregnancy diet plan

Eat out safely when you are pregnant – Pregnancy diet plan

Between nausea, the worry about listeria and the need to ensure a high-quality diet lunchtime choices can be difficult!  If you usually bring your lunch to work it is likely you will need to make some changes from your usual options- but is what you are choosing now a healthy option?  Hot chips may be ‘safe’ but are they a nutritious choice? Let’s look at some of the better takeaway choices you could make and what to steer clear of most of the time!

Remember a decent lunch also makes it far less likely you’ll be reaching for that chocolate bar at 4 pm!

Toasted sandwiches/sandwiches/wraps:

Choose wholemeal, multigrain or rye bread or rolls and fill with lots of salad and some cheese, tuna or egg.   If you are toasting your sandwich, you could add chicken/ham/turkey/beef.  Make sure it is heated right through!  Salamis and other processed meats should be avoided entirely. If your sandwich is super-sized try leaving half of it for later.  Steer clear of focaccias and Turkish bread as these options are very high in energy.


A great way of getting a whole lot of veggies in in the middle of the day!  Choose options such as lentil and sweet potato, pumpkin, chicken and corn, minestrone or barley and vegetable!  A gazpacho is a great option in summer.  Add some toast or a bread roll if you’re feeling extra hungry.  

Asian cuisine:

Skip the Laksa and deep fried items and give sushi a miss but there are still many great options to choose from- Vietnamese spring rolls, Stir-fries (add tofu/chicken/seafood/beef), a short or long or Pho noodle soup.  If you get a stir-fry ask for more veggies and less rice (or choose noodles) to ensure you are filling up on the nutritious part of the meal.


These can be a bit tricky as it is recommended that pre-made salads are avoided when you’re pregnant.  Ultimately it is your decision as to what you choose to eat.  Some women are happy enough with the turnover rate and hygiene practices of some establishments and will consume salads.  All salads should be well washed and dried.  If you are consuming salads, then take the opportunity to add in some legumes such as chickpeas or 4 bean mix or some sweet potato or corn and skip the heavy cream dressings.

A roast:

The meat carvery can be a danger but if you skip the fatty lamb or the pork crackling and go for leaner beef or chicken (skin off!) and stock up on the roast veggies (think less potato, more onion, pumpkin, peas, etc.) you can still end up with a nutritious and satisfying lunch.  A grilled piece of fish with greens is also an excellent choice!

Still not sure what should you eat when you are pregnant?

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