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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

I work with experienced and professional dietitians who specialise in antenatal nutrition and healthy weight gain in pregnancy. They have expert knowledge of healthy food choices in pregnancy, polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes.

During your pregnancy you will be inundated with information and, often, misinformation, about what you can and can’t eat. This can create confusion during a time in your life when you have enough to think about.

So I’m pleased to offer you the services of a qualified Dietitian to work on your personalised pregnancy diet plan – as part of my specialist care.

I work with only experienced and professional dietitians. They specialise in antenatal nutrition and normally spend a part of their career working in tertiary care public hospitals or running their own private practices. Some may have also been involved in various research projects and regularly provides education sessions for general practitioners and other health professionals.

The cost of your pregnancy diet plan and support is incorporated in your Planning and Management of Pregnancy fee.


Pregnancy Diet Plan: General Information

Below is a few tips that are part of building blocks of your pregnancy diet plan, as provided by our experienced dietitian, Natasha Leader.

It’s Quality, Not Quantity.

You do need to eat extra when you are pregnant, but the amount of extra energy (kilojoules/calories) each day is quite small i.e. equivalent to a couple of slices of bread and a glass of low fat milk only! What you do need more of are nutrients – more B vitamins, folate, vitamin C, iron, protein among others, so it can take some planning to make sure that almost everything you choose to eat is giving you something worthwhile. Don’t worry – I did say almost everything!

Thinking About Food Groups

One of the simplest ways of achieving this is by thinking about your diet in terms of food groups. Our food groups exist because the foods within each group provide similar nutrients i.e. milk, cheese and yoghurt are all good providers of protein and calcium. There are guidelines to help you to choose the right number of serves from these groups each day.

Tracking Your Eating Habits

The benefit of this approach is also that it lets you keep track of your total intake as well as the balance in your diet. It also can help draw your attention to the frequency of those ‘extra’ foods in your diet – the ones that don’t really fit into any of the groups very well. It’s these ‘extras’ that can cause trouble! High energy, low nutrition = not great for you or your bub.

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Healthy Eating For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when almost all of you will think more about what you are eating. Many of you will wonder what is best for your baby and make changes to the types of food you eat. There are many aspects of diet that need consideration during pregnancy – and I just touch on a few of the most important here.

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Pregnancy Dietitian

About Natasha Leader

Natasha has worked as a dietitian for over 12 years and has a special interest in antenatal nutrition, as well as in the management of diabetes in pregnancy. Natasha is also a qualified diabetes educator. She has years of experience working in tertiary care public hospitals, as well as running her own private practice.

In addition to her patient load she has been involved in various research projects and regularly provides education sessions for general practitioners and other health professionals. She also resides as ‘in-kitchen dietitian’ for a site providing information, support and recipes for women with gestational diabetes: www.gestationaldiabetesrecipes.com